Sound, La

Bank Holiday weekend and the focus in Liverpool was all about the waterfront.

For lots and lots of people that meant the arrival of three Cunard cruise liners celebrating the 175th anniversary of Atlantic crossings.

But just a little further along from the city’s iconic Three Graces, the Sound City festival had pitched its tents at a disused dock site – breaking new ground and taking the event from the bars, clubs and occasionally garages of the city centre.

It was a bold move, but one that looks to have paid off – even if there are probably understandable teething issues to be resolved in time for 2016.

Having purchased an early bird ticket for the obscenely good value of £50 me and the aforementioned gig-going companion, Tony, enjoyed three days of fantastically diverse music. Australian hip-hop, Slovenian metal – we took it all in.

Sometimes the proximity of the stages to each other meant that sound bled too easily, but there was definitely much more of a festival vibe about the event with thousands of people milling about between the main, warehouse and marquee stages.

The closing Sunday night main stage run of The Cribs, Gaz Coombes and Belle & Sebastian would almost have been worth the entrance money alone, but Sound City’s appeal has always been its across-the-board strength.

There’s always something good going on somewhere and this year you didn’t have to walk very far to find it.

Silent Sleep opening up proceedings on the Saturday, thunderous Japanese two-piece Moja who were staggeringly committed in an early afternoon slot on The Cavern stage, and the wonderful Everything Everything all provided musical highlights, and many more were worth half an hour of anyone’s time.

Thumbs up, too, for getting American Pizza Slice on site. Festival food – very important!


2 thoughts on “Sound, La

  1. widnesian June 3, 2015 / 1:54 pm

    It’s great to have you back, mate, and I’m dead jealous you got to see Everything Everything. That will likely never happen to me. I can’t believe how gosh darned cool Dave Pitch is. What a great guy!

  2. seeyoudownthefront June 3, 2015 / 1:57 pm

    Funnily enough, saw nobody there that I knew, but saw Dave four or five times. Looked remarkably cool. I’d have been a nervous wreck.

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