Locked down – but not Idle

I’ve been writing this blog for several years and added an accompanying podcast last autumn. And it was the podcast which started to bring See You Down The Front to a wider audience – particularly other podcasters, broadcasters, labels and bands themselves. And we were delighted (it’s we now because the podcast means SYDTF isContinue reading “Locked down – but not Idle”

28th of August, not 4th of July

Bands that should be better thought of, part one… U2 are truly a great band. Live, they’re as good as anyone I’ve seen, they’ve recorded a slew of fantastic albums and, for a long time, they were brave enough to try different things which many bands in their position just wouldn’t do. And yet… AndContinue reading “28th of August, not 4th of July”

So much more than OK, and yet…

By many people’s reckoning, Radiohead have been the greatest British band of the last 25 years Their body of work stands comparison with anyone else’s and they have at least one genuine masterpiece in their back catalogue in OK Computer – released in 1997 and which, along with that year’s Fat of the Land andContinue reading “So much more than OK, and yet…”

I’ve got a bag from Weaver D’s!

Conscious that it has been a while I thought I would come back with a bang. No small hall, barely remembered indie hopefuls. Instead, the mighty REM at probably their stadium-sized peak. Whether you consider stadium-sized to be their actual peak is a different matter but by the time of this gig they certainly bestrodeContinue reading “I’ve got a bag from Weaver D’s!”

The one we’ve waited for

I’m going to do what is, by now, a familiar cheat where I use one ticket to refer to something else that I can’t find the ticket for because it is, inherently, more interesting than the ticket I have in my possession. I also appreciate how confusing that opening sentence sounds. Anyhoo… Thirty years agoContinue reading “The one we’ve waited for”

If you want to have a good time

For the second year in succession, the Saturday immediately following my birthday was spent in the wonderful surroundings of Splendour – Nottingham’s immensely likeable one-day festival. It knows its audience and books acts accordingly, so a largely lower end middle-aged crowd were able to enjoy a clutch of acts they loved in their more youthfulContinue reading “If you want to have a good time”