Dance Stance

I’m too old for Creamfields. No two ways about it. I saw maybe three people older than me this year.

But, you know what? I don’t care.

I never was a hardcore follower of dance music. Never a massive clubgoer. And I missed out.

The sheer euphoria of being carried along by a DJ who knows how to build a set and take thousands of people with him is an absolute joy.

I went this year with a couple of mates. One who goes for the full weekend every year and one who had never been to a festival of any kind. The latter loved it. Loved it so much he’s got early bird tickets for next year.

I’ll be even older when next year’s come around, but I’ll probably be there again. Hands in the air and a big smile on my face. Sometimes that’s all you need.


One thought on “Dance Stance

  1. widnesian September 21, 2015 / 12:16 pm

    Another great post, mate. Well played etc. I can so see you in there through this.

    I had this young mate of mine when I was living in Mobile, AL, who went to uni in Glasgow. When he left he was an indie kid through and through; all Radiohead, Belle and Sebastian, Beulah et al. When he came back he’d been indoctrinated into the dance scene courtesy of a club I think called Mono and various others. He became both indie as well as a dance head.

    As for me, well, I’ve followed the developments and changes in dance music over many years via my continued collecting of Pet Shop Boys 12″ singles, and I’ve listened to a good bit through that, but I wouldn’t call myself fervent like you are and I have never been to a dance club or festival.

    I did invent a phrase I was proud of a while back though, for when the lad I spoke of was going through a hard time in Scotland. I told him to go out dancing, because nothing beats ‘the healing power of the motor beat’. I liked that a lot.

    Cheers for this, sir. Good to see you back on. I am too, you know.

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