Deer, not dear

With gig tickets for anyone with any kind of track record costing more than a starter home, it’s good to be able to report there’s still good value out there.

Nottingham’s Splendour event has, for a decade, provided a day’s worth of quality musical entertainment at a very reasonable rate.

Having sampled its delights a few years ago, it was good to go back this year and see that very little had changed.

It’s easy to get round, the crowds are comfortably managed and the setting in Wollaston Park with its herd of deer wandering around is lovely.

You won’t see anyone groundbreaking but there’s always a solid bill and at ¬£49 it’s about half the price of rocking up at an arena for some overpriced flavour of the month.


Gill and I arrived after a detour of half an hour when sat nav took us into the middle of a Nottingham housing estate rather than the parkland we were expecting to find.

I didn’t have sat nav the last time we went and I found it without a hitch. Stupid modern technology!

Anyhoo. Having got our bearings we strolled in and, by the time we left several hours later, had been royally entertained.

Bjorn Again were hilarious with their good-natured take on Abba’s stellar back catalogue, Embrace provided an evening singalong even if their stagecraft was a little stilted, The Charlatans were as effortlessly cool as they have spent nearly 30 years being, and The Stranglers – for the second time in a matter of months – were very good indeed.

We saw others but you get the drift from the above list about who the day is likely to appeal to.

Not being interested in the day’s headliner – Paloma Faith if you must know – we turned to leave as The Stranglers finished and found ourselves walking off with England and Nottingham Forest legend Stuart Pearce – a well known punk devotee.



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