Parr for the course

I post this for no other reason than it’s very close to the 20th anniversary of the show.

If I was clever and forward thinking I would arrange tickets in date order and do all the blog posts on the anniversary of said gig.

But I’m not, so this is a rare moment of cosmic alignment.

As regular readers will know I’ve seen Terrorvision many times and will be seeing them again in a matter of months when they celebrate the 25th birthday of their truly great How to Make Friends…album.

And around this time I was seeing them almost every three or four months before they disbanded and had a career hiatus.


The Parr Hall is a splendid venue and should do more gigs really. It’s probably best known now for hosting The Stones Roses comeback show, but I’ve seen some belters there including a blistering Wildhearts concert that was truly everything I could ever want from a live show.


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