A Ritz cracker

Hey, guess what? I’ve been to see Terrorvision again. Like my birthday and Christmas, it’s an annual event.

Still, I love them dearly.

This time it was at The Ritz in Manchester and they were doing the ever-popular anniversary of an album tour thing that so many bands do now. Me and regular Tony rocked up like we always do on these occasions.


Playing all of How to Make Friends… in order meant that Oblivion was the third song of the night which felt odd, but it’s not like they struggle for set closers.

I won’t go on about how good they were because they’re always good as I have said on this blog before.

Suffice to say I laughed a lot when Tony Wright said after the first few songs without a break `Sorry we haven’t done the introductions yet, but I’m sure we’ll get all your names later’.

An oldie but a goodie.


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