As Anthony said to Cleopatra

To be honest this wasn’t that much of a gig. The support had been noisy in an inconsequential way and Morrissey didn’t get through two songs.

So, in fairness, it hardly constitutes a show at all. But there was something comforting in the fact that having had a pint thrown at him Morrissey decided he wasn’t going to come back on. Notoriously a difficult character, he was only really living up to the legend.

Having got through a robust version of This Charming Man the signs had been good that his return to Liverpool after an underwhelming show at the Empire would be one to remember.


Then some clown decides that we’d remember it for other reasons entirely. It’s difficult to understand the thought process that results in thinking chucking a beer at someone of Morrissey’s temperament would be a good idea.

You could see the beer splatter in the lights and Moz headed for the sidelines. A restless few minutes later we were informed over the PA that he wouldn’t be coming back.

To be honest I can’t say that I was too disappointed. I’d seen him many times both with and without The Smiths and there was something different about them all. I might have felt differently if I was there for the first time, but a Morrissey walk off just added to these various experiences.