Too good to be forgotten?

At the last count I’d seen close to 700 shows all told. I guess I’m missing some, but the memory’s not what it was.

And, as if to prove the point, along came this ticket.


I genuinely could not remember a thing about The Pierces, the gig itself, their style of music, what drove me to buy a ticket or any of their songs.

All I could recall was that it wasn’t in Academy 3 like the ticket says but had been moved to Academy 2.

That alone led me to believe that they must originally have had a small tour scheduled, but became a bit more popular in the interim and scaled up some shows.

I’m not hurting the integrity of the blog by admitting that I looked them up on both Spotify and Google to find out a bit more, then played a few tunes and found out that they were a bit like Haim but with less of the indie attitude. Very West Coast, some Mamas & Papas and Fleetwood Mac influences creeping in, but I still couldn’t recall the songs I must have heard that compelled me to think that I should get myself along to see them.

Having re-heard their stuff I’m quite sure I’d watch them again given the opportunity, but it was alarming that after only two and half years I couldn’t scrape up the tiniest smidge of information about them or what they were like.

I can think of a few, however, that I’d like to have expunged. More about one of them later.


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