Hitten Treasures

With nothing better to do one Sunday morning I was flicking around the music channels and came across a new music segment.

This showcased three bands in a 15-minute programme.

One was eminently forgettable and the other two on this occasion were The Ting Tings and Those Dancing Days, so a 66% success rate.

The latter’s song was a kind of rough around the edges indie pop with a rousing chorus that evoked great girl bands like The Go-Gos and The Bangles.

A quick Google search revealed that they would soon be playing in Manchester, so I got on board.


Unfortunately the night clashed with something else but I thought they might be haphazardly late and the Night and Day wouldn’t rush them on, so I didn’t worry too much about getting there on time.

A dash down the M62 and a few tours around the block eventually saw a parking space open up on Oldham Street and we got inside with five minutes to spare.

And, while they weren’t on that long, it was the kind of gig you long to go to over and over again.

It was small scale, cheap, and with a band who were clearly enjoying themselves.

Disappointingly they didn’t break much bigger, but they left behind a few fizzing reminders of what good pop can sound like when it’s played by the young  and the enthusiastic.


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