Purple pain…

So far these have all been reviews of gigs I’ve been to.

Unsuprising really as they have been based on tickets I still have in my possession.

But I couldn’t let the appearance of Prince in Manchester last weekend pass without comment – not least because I didn’t go.

When the tickets for the Academy went on sale I was blissfully unaware. I arrived in work the following morning to read `sold out’ stories on all major news websites.

Then there was a shaft of light. A certain number would be kept back for people to buy on the door. I ummed and aahed; watched the news and saw a big, long line of people queueing and thought better of it.

The reviews were sensational, but it was Prince after all, and then came the kicker – it hadn’t sold out!

Not all the door tickets had gone as only 250-300 of those kept back had actually been bought. Maybe stupid people like me had thought there had to be enough diehard Prince fans to see these snapped up. Personally I didn’t think anywhere near that many would be available. I thought maybe 100, tops, and that I would be left outside in the rain as the final ones were sold, weeping bitter tears.

But that wouldn’t have been the case. I would have been inside, bathing in the glow of the Minneapolis maestro.

So I can’t even say so near and yet so far. He turned up and I didn’t.



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