Seattle do nicely

It’s a good thing I’d be happy to watch Pearl Jam any time anyone asked. I’ve checked and I only own three albums from their 25-year plus career which doesn’t suggest a hardcore attachment. But they’re so frighteningly good live that I’m very comfortable even though I don’t know threequarters of their set these days.Continue reading “Seattle do nicely”

They’ve paved paradise

I mourned the loss of The Lomax recently and another great lost venue in Liverpool is The Kazimier which sadly succumbed to the march of redevelopment across the city centre. Housed in what was formerly a typically 80s nightclub called The Continental, its owners took a less than promising proposition and made it into somethingContinue reading “They’ve paved paradise”

Ain’t missing Hugh at all

The Stranglers eh? Back to almost where it all began. I’ll be honest and admit that I can’t now remember whether they were my second ever concert or my third. It was them and Rory Gallagher who occupy those spots and I’ve forgotten which way round they were. In those early days as I’ve mentionedContinue reading “Ain’t missing Hugh at all”