Sound, La

Bank Holiday weekend and the focus in Liverpool was all about the waterfront. For lots and lots of people that meant the arrival of three Cunard cruise liners celebrating the 175th anniversary of Atlantic crossings. But just a little further along from the city’s iconic Three Graces, the Sound City festival had pitched its tentsContinue reading “Sound, La”

Shouty happy people

The rain is the reason I first saw Feed The Rhino. If it hadn’t been coming down heavy enough to make Ark building seem a worthwhile profession I’d have probably stayed stood in the shin deep mud at Leeds Festival in 2013 and watched a couple of main stage safe bets. But instead the near horizontal downpourContinue reading “Shouty happy people”

Purple pain…

So far these have all been reviews of gigs I’ve been to. Unsuprising really as they have been based on tickets I still have in my possession. But I couldn’t let the appearance of Prince in Manchester last weekend pass without comment – not least because I didn’t go. When the tickets for the AcademyContinue reading “Purple pain…”

Hitten Treasures

With nothing better to do one Sunday morning I was flicking around the music channels and came across a new music segment. This showcased three bands in a 15-minute programme. One was eminently forgettable and the other two on this occasion were The Ting Tings and Those Dancing Days, so a 66% success rate. TheContinue reading “Hitten Treasures”

Too good to be forgotten?

At the last count I’d seen close to 700 shows all told. I guess I’m missing some, but the memory’s not what it was. And, as if to prove the point, along came this ticket. I genuinely could not remember a thing about The Pierces, the gig itself, their style of music, what drove meContinue reading “Too good to be forgotten?”

As Anthony said to Cleopatra

To be honest this wasn’t that much of a gig. The support had been noisy in an inconsequential way and Morrissey didn’t get through two songs. So, in fairness, it hardly constitutes a show at all. But there was something comforting in the fact that having had a pint thrown at him Morrissey decided heContinue reading “As Anthony said to Cleopatra”